Ancestral Sources 1.1.0

Posted by admin on Sep 23, 2010

Transcriptions & Indexes – Windows – Freeware

Ancestral Sources 1.1.0 has been released.


• There is now an entirely new facility to allow images to be added to existing census sources if using method 1 or citation/fact if using method 2.
• There are now options available to add whole person citations or name citations to all individuals referenced in the entry or to just new individuals created. Thanks to Peter Richmond, PatrickT and Bill Henshaw for suggesting this.
• It is now possible to change the name of any individual within Ancestral Sources. If the name citation option is selected then the name change will also get a citation when the source being created is saved. This was requested by a number of users.
• The new individuals added during the session (or name changes, etc.) can now be reviewed and the changes deleted/rolled-back. This was originally suggested by Peter Richmond.
• Image viewer form now has a ‘keep on top’ option.

• When an individual is added to a census entry, Ancestral Sources now warns if they already have an entry for the same year and not just if the same date. In addition the user is given the option to replace the existing census entry. This was requested by a number of users.
• The setup option to create a quicklaunch shortcut didn’t work for Windows 7 so I’ve now removed this if the setup is being run on Windows 7 (or later). Thanks to Dave Harris for reporting this.
• There is now an option for the auto source text facility to leave a blank line after the census column titles. This was requested by Steve Bye
• There is now a facility to make local notes created by generic census columns private by adding [..] brackets around the text. John Owen requested this.
• When displaying source titles for method 2 users, Ancestral Sources will now display census sources based on their short title if they don’t have a title. This issue was raised by Dave Harris.
• Once a flag association was set (using Flag Settings screen), it wasn’t possible to edit the flag associated (you had to delete and then add). Editing now works.
• In previous versions the list of sources which were considered to be census sources depending on the title including the word ‘Census’ or the source type being ‘Census’. It is now possible to specify the filter to be used to determine the kind of source. There is also a facility to specify this filter for other source types that Ancestral Sources will handle.
• If a new individual has been selected to be added to the entry and the user chooses to run a census flag check or date check then a warning is now displayed to tell the user that if changes are made then the file saved will include the newly added person/people.
• If an unsaved image was being viewed when census entry was saved this caused a confusing message to be displayed. This was reported by Dave Harris and is now fixed.
• Ancestral Sources remembers the positions of some of the windows so they appear in the same place next time the program runs. Dave Harris reported that this caused problems if a window was displayed on a second monitor and that monitor was later detached. If a windows setting causes it to be displayed off-screen the previous position will now not be used.
• On the image form the cursor keys now work correctly when entering a custom title. Dave Harris reported this problem.
• On the Image Select Media Folder form the cancel button didn’t work correctly (Dave Harris spotted this problem) but it does now.
• The size of the collapsible right-hand panel in the image form is now remembered. This was inspired by a comment from Dave Harris.
• When image types not directly supported were loaded, the correct message wasn’t displayed until the form was refreshed. It is now displayed immediately.
• When editing an existing column the short title will no longer update to reflect the long title. This was requested by Mike Tate.
• When the file is closed the file name is now cleared from the title bar of the main form. Reported by ‘GladToBeGrey’ on the FHUG forums.
• The ‘Current File is Default’ or ‘Current Project is Default’ menu item didn’t always show the correct wording. This is now fixed. Reported by ‘GladToBeGrey’ on the FHUG forums.
• David Dewick reported that when saving across a slow wireless connection he sometimes had Ancestral Sources report that the file needed to be reloaded. I’ve made some changes which will hopefully fix this issue.
• Robin Hill pointed out that when the census age cell gets focus the text isn’t selected, unlike the other cells. This is now fixed.
• Various users reported they occasionally got ‘DataGridView’ errors. With help from Debbie on the FHUG forums and Steve Bye I hope this problem is now fixed.
• The toolbar on the main screen no longer requires two clicks to click a button if the window is not the active window.
• The census template export and import now remember the previous folders used for these operations rather than defaulting to ‘my documents’. Thanks to Mike Tate for suggesting this fix.
• To make it easier to export census source text produced by the ‘Auto text’ feature, there is now an option to put quotes (inverted commas) around each column entry. Thanks to Robin Hill who suggested this.
• When a census grid cell is given focus (selected), all of the text is selected. Pressing F2 will now move the cursor to the end of the cell to allow the user to edit the text. Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left will move to start of next/previous word. Shift+Ctrl+Left/Right will do the same but with the text selected. Robin Hill requested this.
• Methods for date handling have been reworked to make them better able to deal with more unusual valid date formats, in particular Julian ‘double dates’.
• For dates entered as short dates (e.g. 11/2/1900) Ancestral Sources should correctly deduce whether the user’s computer is set to interpret this as being 11th Feb or 2nd Nov but there is also now an option for the user to set this.
• The various options and settings that are held in the Windows registry can now be backed up to and/or restored to a file. This should make it easier to move settings between computers or restore settings following a Windows re-install.
• The census templates for UK have been tidied up by Mike Tate who has kindly passed his changes to me. In particular: several of the long titles have been changed to more accurately reflect the wording on the original census forms. He has also added additional relationship options. Some of the ‘record if blank’ entries have been set to false (Employer/Worker/Own Account, Industry and number of children fields). The ‘born’ and ‘married?’ short-titles have been renamed to ‘Where born’ and ‘Condition’.
• Added KEYPERSON sub-tags to title templates to display the key person’s name in different formats other than the standard ‘Forenames Surname’ format offered by the existing KEYPERSON tag. This feature was inspired by a suggestion from Bill Henshaw and enhanced following further suggestions from Mike Tate.
• There is now the facility to clear/reset the current entry (i.e. clear all the text boxes, grid, images, etc.) without saving it. This was requested by Robin Hill.
• Fixed an error reported by Bill Henshaw when creating a new media folder.
• All generic census columns now use list-box cells rather than just text-box cells. This has the advantage of making it easier to enter the same data into multiple cells in a column. This was inspired by a suggestion from Andrew Braid
• If a selected image becomes unavailable (or available) after it is selected then it is possible for the thumbnail and the image itself to be different. Dave Harris spotted this. The thumbnail will now be updated whenever the image is re-displayed.
• The backup file names now incorporate the original GEDCOM file name. This will be more helpful to users who access multiple files with Ancestral Sources. Thanks to Mike Tate for suggesting this.

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