Personal Ancestry Writer II 94

Posted by admin on Aug 6, 2010

Full Featured – Mac – Freeware

Personal Ancestry Writer II 94 has been released.


• To eliminate any confusion, the two menu items More Tag menu > Tag People who May be Living and More Tag menu > Mark Tagged People as Living have been deleted.The single menu item File menu > Analyze > Set and Tag Living People has been added which simply combines the functions of the two deleted menu items.
• The algorithm for determining whether a person may be living, used in File Menu > Analyze > Set and Tag Living People, has been improved and is documented in the Reference Guide.
• The preference item to exclude dates of birth and baptism for living people in HTML, RTF and MML reports now also includes suppression of birth and baptism dates in generated HTML web sites.
• An error has been corrected which caused an infinite loop when writing a text file containing a list of surnames for tagged people and not all people were tagged.
• The warning displayed when adding a picture to a wallet or first showing a picture in a wallet which contains a problematic character can be suppressed by holding down the option key when adding or first showing such a picture in the wallet.

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