Brother’s Keeper 6.4.10

Posted by admin on Aug 30, 2010

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Brother’s Keeper 6.4.10 has been released.


• On the Family Group Sheet report, if a Family Note had a Source attached, it was not printing as a footnote.
• On the Utility, Find Infinite Loop, it works faster now for large databases.
• On the Witness grid, fixed a problem if the witness had a source attached and you move the witness up or down on the list.
• New feature on the Book reports and Family Group Sheet report. If you press Shift+F9 it will turn on the option to print the blank picture file picturemissing.jpg for any person that does not have a picture. The idea is that you can send the report to your family and they will notice that you need pictures of certain people and they might send you those pictures.
• Ahnentafel book report. If no individual picture, print family picture, but will not print the same family picture for both husband and wife. Will print individual picture if one has that and print family picture for the other spouse if no individual picture.
• On the Book reports, if you are making an RTF file with pictures, there is a new option on the RTF tab to put the picture heading with the pictures. This is not a perfect solution, but it should work for short headings. You may need to enlarge the Text box size in the RTF file after you resize all the pictures. (the Text box is around the picture box.)

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