Behold 0.99.15 beta

Posted by admin on Aug 30, 2010

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Behold 0.99.15 beta has been released.


• New: Include Birth/Death years next to the name in the Name Index.
• New: Add counts of number of entries next to each tree node in the Treeview.


• Remove the “Unknown Custom Tag” message, and instead of that, highlight the tag’s text on the Tags page.
• Move generation number from after the individual’s name to the start of the divider line. By default this is not shown, but it has an Extra Info option to show it.
• Indicate only Data problems in the header section of the Everything Report. Don’t indicate if there are GEDCOM problems. Those will be relegated to the log file.
• Clean up the Extra Info from the Organize Reports Page, including options to select the new report features, move some options to the text options and eliminate obsolete options.


• Get the editing of Tag Text on the Tags Organize Page to work correctly.
• Get short filenames on Windows XP to work again. This stopped working when Behold was converted to Unicode at the beginning of the beta.
• Correct the order of identical names in the Name Index to be in the order they are in the Everything Report.
• Prevent program crash that happens when the first person (who is the one being used to organize on) is a spouse in multiple families and the other spouse is not specified in one or more of the additional families.
• Display the family data and descendants of a person that were not being displayed in the case of a person being a “spouse” in more than one family, and the other spouse is not specified in one or more of the additional families.
• Catch the duplicate links that Behold was missing during error checking. This will also prevent an infinite loop that could occur due to those missed errors.

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