Behold 0.99.13 beta

Posted by admin on Aug 5, 2010

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Behold 0.99.13 beta has been released.


• Check for place names that are a single tab character and display a missing place name message for it.
• AutoOrganize around the primary individual correctly when all ancestries in the file follow single parents.
• Sort people in the Unconnected Individual section by their name.
• Include all main people (up to 6) in the heading and group couples together.
• Sort the Name Index, Place Index and other items (e.g. Sources) so that upper, lowercase, and accented characters are one after another.
• Implement improvements to the Name index that reduce Behold’s memory use by 10%.

• Include the “unspecified last name” text for a woman’s married name when her husband’s surname is unknown.
• Rename the NOREF designation for Undefined Records to UNDEF.
• Display the Undefined Record tag directly, rather than using the tag text.
• Make changes to the implementation of the alphabetical ordering of descendants, that now guarantees that all “see above” references will always be earlier in the file.
• Limit each section of the Table of Contents to 100 lines followed by a line summarizing the rest of the section. That many lines make it rather useless as a summary of the contents, so there is no reason to include them.
• Work to reduce some bits of non-responsiveness during the loading of large files.


• Include people linked only to a FAM record in “Unconnected Individuals”, rather than with the general “Everyone Else”.
• Sort Related Through Marriages people and Everyone Else alphabetically by their name. This somehow got broken in 0.99.7 beta.
• Adjust the spacing between lines in the Treeview when text size is changed.
• Make headings once again 2 point sizes larger than the other text.
• Clicking on TreeView item, and then moving location in Everything Report, and then clicking on the same TreeView item should again move back to that location in the Everything Report.
• Sort placenames correctly that end with a missing level (i.e. end with a comma).
• Add the link type to the undefined sources. Previously they had only been added to undefined citatation.

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