The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.0.1

Posted by admin on Jul 27, 2010

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.0.1 has been released.


• Albums: Album links were not being displayed for living individuals if the user had rights to view living data but was not an administrator (fixed).
• Calendar: Marriages were not showing on the calendar in some cases (fixed).
• Cemeteries: When browsing through headstones for a given cemetery, the tabs at the top would revert to representing all headstones, not just the ones from that cemetery (fixed).
• Cemeteries: Cemetery names containing apostrophes were causing problems with some functions (fixed).
• Cemeteries: When clicking the “Add New” button to add a new country or state, the focus will now be put in the field that appears in the popup.
• Cemeteries: The “Headstones” heading for a cemetery will no longer be shown if no headstones exist.
• Dates: Split or “double” dates that did not include two four-digit dates were not being interpreted correctly (fixed).

• Export: The GEDCOM export utility was not counting exported media links (fixed).
• Export: Some fields (like Nickname) were being exported with a “P” at the front (fixed).
• Export: The primary (“default”) photo designation was not being exported (fixed).
• Export: Notes exported under UTF-8 would become corrupted if the line was split in the middle of a special character (fixed).
• Families: Some family editing features (adding children, etc.) would not work on some systems, due to the old “relationship” field still being there in the tng_children table (fixed).
• Find: The “Find” dialogue was not showing living individuals if “Show Names for Living” was turned on (fixed).
• Mail: Scripts sending email will now fill the “mail envelope” with the full and correct email of the sender (to prevent spam filters from labeling TNG-based mail as junk).
• Language: The language cookie was not being set when the language was changed from the home page (fixed).
• Media: Images linked to living individuals were showing duplicate “living” notes on the media listing pages (fixed).
• Media: Web links included in the media “Owner/Source” field will now be clickable .
• Media: The media importer was not keeping (fixed). • Media: Users who were “Editors” could not link media to individuals (fixed).
• Media: The ID “container” in the image viewer was changed to “ctrlcontainer” to avoid a conflict with WordPress.
• Media: File names containing UTF-8 special characters were not being correctly represented (fixed).
• Names: UTF-8 names were not being correctly uppercased (fixed).
• Notes: Notes and citations added to custom events (and citations added to notes) were not being saved (fixed).
• PDF: Marriage notes were not showing up on the PDF family group sheet (fixed).
• PDF: The LDS values for “Sealed to Spouse” and “Sealed to Parent” were not showing on the PDF family group sheet (fixed).
• Pedigree: Several minor issues relating to editing individuals and families from the pedigree view were fixed (for example, branches could not be selected).
• Register: Marriage dates & places were being shown twice (fixed).
• Registration: The admin link in the registration email was pointing to the old location (fixed).
• Registration: The link to register for a new account will not appear if you’re already logged in.
• Search: A “Reset” button has been added to the individual and family search pages.
• Search: In an effor to thwart spam submissions, a limit of five (5) filled-in fields will now be imposed on the search form. If more than 5 fields are filled in, the search operation will die with the “Sorry” message. This value can be adjusted by changing the $criteria_limit value at the top of searchlib.php.
• Users: “Editors” could not delete people, families or places (fixed).
• Miscellaneous: Many other small bugs related to the v8 upgrade were also fixed.

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