MacFamilyTree 6.0

Posted by admin on Jul 28, 2010

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MacFamilyTree 6.0 has been released.


New Family Tree pane
• Replaces the Family Assistant with a much more detailed and versatile edit mode
• Marriage Dates, Person Media, all types of events and notes can now be entered directly in the new edit mode
• Handles complex relations (e.g. multiple wives) much more accurately than the previous family assistant
• Group persons by generation using colored rows
• Different coloring mode for gender, labels or family relations
• FamilySearch Integration allows online research of ancestors

New User Interface
• Features are arranged more clearly
• Browser-like navigation between panes
• Most parts of the User Interface are now augmented by Apple’s Core Animation
• Improved palette layout and reordering
• More concise user interface layout for charting and reporting views

Completely Rewritten Charting
• Totally rewritten 2D charts
• New Relationship Chart visualizing the relation between two selected persons
• New Ancestor Chart supports up to 200 Generations
• New Descendant Chart with much better alignment
• New Hourglass Chart showing Ancestors, Partners and Descendants of a specific person
• Ancestor, Descendant and Hourglass Chart can be displayed from left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom up
• New Fan Chart offering more generations and better text layout
• New charts editor capable of single-page or multi-page layouts
• New statistics: Place of Birth and Country of Birth
• Create print-ready PDFs or PNGs
• New user interface for charts, a person list is always displayed to the right of a chart, allowing quick selection of a person right in place
• Greatly improved performance when compiling charts. You can browse through your charts in realtime
• Support for gestures on MacBook trackpads for zooming in and out

• New User Interface for Reports similar to the new Charts user interface
• New Narrative Report
• New Marriage List Report
• Improved Person List Report which can now display groups depending on the selected sorting order
• Improved Person Report now featuring optional charts
• Improved Family Group Report now featuring optional charts
• Improved editing of Reports

New Places Management
• All places you enter in the MacFamilyTree database is now listed in a new edit pane
• Assigning coordinates to places is much easier
• Merge places directly in the edit mode
• Assigning known places to events can now be accomplished with a few clicks
• Maps in the Persons Editor allow you to quickly review where a person has lived

New To Do Management
• Create and assign To-Dos to any object in MacFamilyTree from within most edit modes
• Let MacFamilyTree 6 remind you of tasks that have yet to be done
• Set priorities and To-Do types
• Have MacFamilyTree automatically create To-Dos for missing names and events

FamilySearch Integration
• Access to FamilySearch
• Update on FamilySearch
• Direct integration into MacFamilyTree
• Notifications for updated persons or newly added information
• Automatic background matching of persons
• Certified by for access, update and sync

GEDCOM Import and Export improved
• Considerably more compatible with other genealogy applications which export non-standard GEDCOM files
• Partial GEDCOM export improved to export all connected persons from a specific person or all ancestors or descendants
• Support for ANSEL-formatted GEDCOM files
• The GEDCOM importer’s performance has been improved drastically
• Better error log when importing GEDCOMs
• Import error log can now be saved for later reference
• GEDCOMs can now be exported in UTF-8, UTF-16, Plain ASCII, Mac OS Roman or Windows Latin Charsets
• Media can be reconverted to a more compressed format when exporting GEDCOMs

LDS Support
• LDS Support for Person- and Family Events
• All current temple codes available

• Fullscreen Slideshow implemented either for all media found in a tree file or for specific persons’ media.
• Narrative Report included in the Slideshow
• Using Apples Core Animation fur beautiful full screen display
• Cover-Flow like picture viewer for person, family, event and source media

Web Search
• Integrated Web Search feature to quickly search the Internet
• Direct access to,,, and Google
• Directly assign found information to a person using the contextual menu

Improved Labels
• Assign as many labels as you like to Persons, Families, Sources, Events or Media
• Labels, as well as bookmarks, can be assigned in all list views through the contextual menu (accessible by right-clicking on a row in a table)
• Much more user friendly labels palette

• MacFamilyTree 6 is now executed in 64 Bit under Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on recent Mac models for improved performance
• Performance is improved throughout the whole application, especially for larger tree files
• Media Browser performance is greatly improved for larger databases

• A start person can be defined. This person is used as the root person in all views when no other person is selected
• New startup window showing new tutorials and “how-to”s
• Multiselection in the person list, family list, sources list, places list and to-do list
• Drawing speed of the Virtual Tree dramatically improved
• Sorting order for names can now be specified independently from the name format used to display names
• Married Names can be entered directly in each edit view

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