GeneaNet: Upload and Share Family Pictures

Posted by admin on Jul 16, 2010

GeneaNet lets you upload and share your family pictures for free!

– You can upload your family pictures one at a time.
– You can make a delimited file (*.csv) to upload a batch of family pictures.
– You can easily manage your family pictures album and update any picture.

Please respect copyright law, intellectual property, privacy and other rights when uploading some family pictures.

Select the “My GeneaNet : Galleries : Family Pictures” option in the left sidebar or simply go to

Upload a Family Picture

Select the “Upload a Family Picture” menu item, then enter the name of the person, the date and place of birth/death, the place where the picture was taken, the author of the picture and some notes.

Batch Upload Family Pictures

You must send:

– A zip file that contains your family pictures

– A delimited file (*.csv) that contains the description of your family pictures

Fields must be separated with semicolons in your delimited file (see format below):

Surname;First Name;Year of Birth;Month of Birth;Day of Birth;Year of Death;Month of Death;Day of Death;Place;County #1;County #2;Country;User Name;Notes;File Name

Manage your Family Pictures Album

You can easily update and delete some pictures in your family album.

Update a Family Picture

You can edit any field in your family picture description.

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