GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 1

Posted by admin on Jul 13, 2010

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GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 1 has been released.


• Scripting Improvements
– You can now control GEDitCOM II with Python or Ruby scripts. You can add such scripts to the scripts menu. Note: the technology to run Python and Ruby scripts became possible in MacOS Leopard (10.5); thus this new feature only works in Leopard or newer.
– Many new scripting commands were added. Many of the new ones facilitate user input in Python and Ruby scripts (such as entering a line of text, clicking a button, choosing from a list, or selecting files and folders). The standard print command support has been improved.
– The window that appears while running scripts has been enhanced to accomodate streaming of text output and has added a button to abort long Python or Ruby scripts, if desired. It is also resizable.
– Scripts can create custom records with any record type.
– New properties added for some objects and the application.

• A new search criterion was added that lets you limit the search to any album in the file. You can also select “…(Expression Ideas)” in the criterion menu to open a long list of expressions you can copy and paste to use for searching by an “Expression:” criterion.
• You can hold down the option key while attaching notes, a source, a multimedia object, or a research log, and it will immediately attach new notes, a new source, a new multimedia object, or a new research log. It saves the step of opening a sheet and clicking the “New” button.
• You can enter a secondary sort rule for a column to further sort records that have the same value by the primary expression (e.g., sort individuals with same name by their birthdate).
• Many “?” (or help) buttons take you directly to help on the current window. You can add such a button to each toolbar, if desired, by customizing the toolbars and that added button will open help for the current type of window.
• Two new scripts let you automatically download and install user interface formats and scripts that are available on
• The help is now searchable (but only if you choose to open the help in Apple’s help viewer).
• User Interface Language Improvements
– Fixed some issues in the “Wiki Genealogy” format
– Scripts can be embedded in user interface formats and activated by clicking a button or control clicking a text editing field (see new ScriptLink and ScriptType options in the GEDitCOM Editor). Some scripts were add to current formats.
• Minor Fixes
– If GEDitCOM II was left running for several days, it could lose its temporary folder (MacOS would delete it) and certain features would stop working until restarting. The temporary folder is now automatically recreated if needed.
– Fixed problem where you could not type accented characters in to raw GEDCOM text field in the index window.
– Fixed a pronoun in narrative reports.

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