Posted by admin on Jul 21, 2010

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Fixed bug: In the not licensed demo version a Range ckeck error could occur when printing about several pages. The bug does not appear any more.
• For a better distinction of different program editions the additions Premium and Basic are used. The Premium edition has the full scope of features. The Basic edition, which may be offered by PC magazines for example, has only a restricted scope of features. The installed edition is mentioned in the title bar of the main window, for example FamilyTreeFactory 6 Premium. In addition it is found if you call the Program Info function in the Help/Info menu.
• In the Treeview Options dialog, Graphic Content tab, a slider Contrast for changing the contrast of the background image has been added.
• In the Personal Data dialog, Personal Data tab, the entry field Religion has been changed to a dropdown list. This list offers, by analogy with those for surname and maiden name, all religion data already occurring. With that an uniform notation is made easier in all records.
• The integrity check now is reporting any date which is in the future. At the comparison of a date with the watch of the computer, one day is granted as a waiting period to avoid problems with different time zones: For example at night at 2 o’clock Australian time an Australian could send a family file to Europe, where the date of the day before is still valid.
• Now automatic program updates from the Internet can only be called by licensed programs. Users, who wants to test the program for a long period without a license, can check on the Internet whether there is a newer version available. If any, the new setup can be installed directly over a previously installed older version.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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