Behold 0.99.11 beta

Posted by admin on Jul 14, 2010

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Behold 0.99.11 beta has been released.


• Include all the old log file checks that were removed and check that the log files display appropriately for various files.
• Change the Home and End keys to go to the start and end of the line, not of the file.
• Add “Top of file” (Ctrl-Home) and “Bottom of file” (Ctrl-End) as menu items.
• Include all address_structure tags as valid entries in the HEAD record.
• Reinitialize the tag definitions, not just before Behold file loads, but before GEDCOM file loads as well.
• Add GEDCOM header information into the log file.
• Add information about how the CONC tag is handled into the log file.
• Improved speed by 15%, reduced memory use by 15%, and now Behold can read in very large GEDCOM files (e.g. 300 MB) without an OutOfMemory error.

• List only the first 3 of each GEDCOM message, since there can be a lot of them.
• Change the category of unknown tag messages from GEDCOM to Data Problem.
• Limit the autoorganize to display just the first 3 most significant families. Displaying more does not help but only causes confusion, especially in the case of GEDCOMs including many independent families.
• Display the title lines listing who the report is about with one person per line for easier reading.
• Replace the hash algorithm with one that gives fewer collisions for Unicode text. This will speed up searches, printing and exporting.
• Optimize the Find function and ensure it will not freeze the program when searching through large files.
• Change the default text size from “smaller” to “medium” and made them 1 point size larger. (We older genealogists tend to have poorer eyesight).


• Write the “unspecified place” value into the Everything Report when the PLAC tag is missing to prevent a ReversePlace error when scrolling through that part of the report.
• Lock the buttons correctly when resizing the Find Files window.
• Ensure the default tags get reinitialized every time new files are opened.
• Repair the tag counts.
• Get rid of the 4 unused tags (e.g. +Contents) added to the tags list when a Behold file is loaded.
• Display the spouse’s name in the TreeView. This problem started in 0.99.7 beta, 06 Feb 2010.
• Correct the error in the GpStringHash routine’s hash algorithm that caused an invalid address to be saved whenever the Hash table needed to be made larger and an exception box would appear when accessing the person. I informed Gabr (the developer of GpStringHash) and he has implemented my fix.
• Display both people in right-click options when the mouse is over a pair of people.
• Display abbreviated first/last names correctly (e.g. in right-click options) when the person’s first name is not given.
• Correctly process lines starting with tabs and/or spaces and add a message in the log file about it.
• Display custom GEDCOM records correctly, e.g. _EVENT_DEFN.
• Display the _PLAC_DEFN custom record used by Legacy as information about the place in the Place index.
• Display RootsMagic’s _EVDEF (Event Definition) records correctly, but hide them by default, since most people won’t want to see them.
• Prevent the clearing of the Tags page when a change on that page is applied.
• Eliminate the double printing of the tag name that happened sometimes within hidden text.
• Use a single refresh of the Everything Report instead of a double double refresh when selecting a TreeView item after navigating via a hyperlink in the Everything Report.
• Increase and decrease text size correctly in the Treeview. (The spacing between lines still has to be adjusted).

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