Second Site 3.2 Build 0

Posted by admin on May 21, 2010

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Second Site 3.2 Build 0 has been released.


• Added the Image Gallery User Item
• The Picture, Exhibit Gallery and Image Gallery User Items include a lightbox feature where the user can review full-size images without leaving the gallery page
• Added an Accent feature to the Descendant, Pedigree, and DNA Overlay Charts
• Added a Color Picker to edit color values; click on a color property and then use the Edit > Open Editor command or F7 to open the Color Picker
• Increased the User Styles capacity by adding multiple selectors and parameters for each User Style section in the range User Style 6 to User Style 20; there are now 10 times as many User Styles available compared to previous versions
• Added new Exhibit Codes you can use to control whether a specific exhibit is ignored, embedded, or linked
• Added an Include On-Chart Links option to the Pedigree Charts to make it more convenient to scroll to distant boxes on the same chart
• Changed the processing associated with the Add CD Autorun Files option; for the convenience of people browsing the CD from a computer that does not support the MS Windows Autorun feature, the new method makes it easier for someone to find the main page of the site
• Added the Media.Use Shared Libraries property to enable the use of shared Javascript libraries and improve page loading time
• Optimized the processing of tags with many Roles; the Make Site command should be much faster than previous versions when processing TMG projects with extensive use of roles


• Added the Exhibits.Use Special Instructions as Alt Text property, and adjusted various images to include ALT= attribute when Alt text is present
• Adjusted various graphic icons to make them more consistent; this affected the pages for Charts, Slideshows, Exhibit Galleries, and Image Galleries
• Changed Google Maps to use newer zoom, pan, and scale controls
• Changed the HTML and CSS used to produce chart legends; the size of the legend boxes should be more consistent now
• Changed the error handling process when Second Site attempts to delete the Output folder at the start of the Make Site process; this version will recover automatically from more types of errors
• Changed the implementation of the Sort option of the Exhibit Gallery; sorting is now case insensitive
• Changed the implementation of the Exhibit Gallery; the dimensions of the image container and thumbnail image are now specified in the User Item rather than in the Stylesheets.System.Gallery section, and you can now specify different dimensions for different Exhibit Galleries
• Expanded the value redirection capability so that Theme property values can now refer to other Theme properties; see Reference Values in the Stylesheets section
• Changed the User Interface so that the textbox of a color property will show the correct background color even when the property value is a reference value
• Changed the Dutch.ini file to convert “Vader-bio” to “Vader”, etc.


• Fixed a bug where Second Site would not load the proper source template under specific circumstances
• Fixed a bug where using the enter key in the Place Comment field under the Master Place List caused broken Maps
• Fixed a bug where thumbnail images did not retain the aspect ratio of the full-size image in all cases
• Fixed a bug in the Slideshow User Item where some effects, such as zoom, did not animate properly
• Fixed a bug where the [Shift-F7] keystroke combination did not always open the HTML Editor when the default editor was set to the Text Editor; added the File > Open Alternate Editor… command to expose the alternate editor functionality
• Fixed a bug in the 2 Col LC Side+Xtra Con+Ftr layout
• Fixed a bug where events with irregular sort dates didn’t sort as expected in some cases
• Fixed the tab order in the Edit Relationship Chart window

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