GeneaNet: Search By Alternate Spelling Of Names

Posted by admin on Apr 30, 2010

The GeneaNet Search by Alternate Spelling of Names is a powerful feature limited to Club Privilege Members.

First, you must enter a name in the GeneaNet home page Search Form.

A “Edit Search” Form is displayed in the right sidebar of the search results page.

Select the “Search by Alternate Spelling” option then click the “Search” button.

It shows the list of existing alternate spellings which have already been added for this name.

To continue the search, you just need to check/uncheck the alternate spellings to be shown in the search results list. Then click the “Search” button.

To add/delete some alternate spellings, click the “Add/Delete Alternate Spellings” link.

Click the “trash button” to delete any alternate spelling and the “more button” to add some.

This feature is collaborative and any GeneaNet user may delete an alternate spelling you have previously added! You can contact us to report abuse.

When done, click the “Submit & Search” button.

The home page of the search results list is being displayed.

You still can add/remove some alternate spellings by clicking the “Modify” link.

Choose any of the category: Online Family Tree, Archive, Library, Other Source.

The search results list shows the GeneaNet Index for all of the alternate spellings of the name.

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