Family Historian 4.1.2

Posted by admin on May 24, 2010

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Family Historian 4.1.2 Release Candidate has been released.


• Private Notes (that is text in notes in [[double brackets]]): Some remaining issues in this area (both with regard to reports and export) were found in 4.1.0 and have now been addressed. The help in this area has been improved still further.
• The policy on Privacy options with respect to hiding pictures linked to ‘private’ people (Individuals with the ‘Private’ flag), in websites and reports, has been tightened up and made more consistent.
• If you select ‘Private’ people for reports, in Step 3 when generating a website, you will have to agree to their automatic removal before proceeding to Step 4, if you have previously opted to exclude private individuals.
• Web-generation no longer warns you if you select more than one record for a report in the Table of Contents section of Website generation, as this is now handled properly.
• Fixed minor bug relating to unlinking the focus person in the Focus Window
• Dotted lines sometimes displayed incorrectly or were missing, in PDF output in left-right orientation, in the ‘All Relatives’ diagram. Now fixed.
• The supplied tutorial file “Tutorial – Chapter 15a.GED” did not exactly match the version described in the book “Getting the Most From Family Historian 4″. It now does.
• If when generating a website, the table of contents referred to a non-existent report, this was not handled correctly. Now fixed.
• Previously, when you added a picture (or other multimedia item) to a project, if you opted to copy the picture into the project and there was already a file in the destination project folder with the same name, this file could be overwritten. Now FH will prevent this happening by automatically adjusting the name of the new file to ensure that it is unique.
• The ‘Events Recorded’ subfield (under ‘Data’) in Source records did not allow you to select multiple event types. It now does.
• The ‘Role in Event’ subfield for source citations (under ‘Event Type Responsible’) forced you to select from a dropdown list. You can now type in your own value if you wish.
• In some circumstances, invalid data in a field in a GEDCOM file was not being correctly logged. This has now been fixed.
• The ‘Place’ subfield for ‘Events Recorded’ did not auto-complete, and it did not have a button to open the master ‘Place List’. It now does.
• The Multimedia report did not have excluding private notes as the default option. It now is the default.
• Clicking on any menu now automatically closes any edit boxes open in the Records Window.
• With queries, there are menu commands to set or clear flags on result set records. The dropdown list of flags was not previously sorted in alphabetic order. It now is.
• Web-generation is now faster and more robust
• More minor corrections to the Help.

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