Behold 0.99.8 beta

Posted by admin on May 14, 2010

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Behold 0.99.8 beta has been released.


• Include the old GEDCOM/logfile that was in version 0.98.9d alpha, 27 Aug 2007 and was taken out in the next version.
• Add the View Logfile command and toolbar icon.
• Add a file summary to the log file.
• Add a message for GEDCOM lines that are indented.
• Change the connected/disconnected to the internet icon to both be terminals (white and black).
• Do not read all the data back in for operations that don’t require it.
• Ensure menu items are correctly enabled/disabled when no file is loaded.
• Remove the “Incorrectly Linked Families” section which did not really help with identification of the loops and replace with a more useful “has own ancestor” message in the log file.
• Treat duplicates IDs as new IDs instead of merging them together.
• Don’t show log messages in the Organize Report page since they don’t need to be selected or text changed now that they’re in the log file.
• Change the Exception dialog to not attempt to set up an email, but instead to allow copying the message to the clipboard and opening up the Behold website’s feedback page to allow the message to be pasted as feedback and sent to me.
• Ensure that nested links of any depth are handled.
• Do preprocessing “on the fly” where possible, i.e. don’t do it at loading time, but delay it until display time.


• Load a .GED file in Behold when clicking on it and when the association is set. (Bug preventing this introduced in 0.99.7 beta).
• Eliminate memory leaks.
• Eliminate abend and fix display of Instant Organize when a person without a spouse is selected. (Bug introduced in 0.99.1 beta).
• Show a message box when nothing is found when searching in an up direction.
• Get the animated find files “working” indicator to work under Vista and Windows 7.
• Repair problems with the Find function including: not skipping the selection when reversing direction, adding the hourglass during long finds over the Find box, preventing pressing the Find button again while finding, and allowing the section number in the divider between sections to be found.
• Ensure that association and disassociation with .bho and .ged files works correctly.


• Remove the page setup menu item which has not been implemented for Behold.
• Remove the selection menu items which won’t work until editing is added.

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