Behold 0.99.10

Posted by admin on May 24, 2010

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Behold 0.99.10 beta has been released.


• Check internet connection and new version information only at startup.
• Recalibrate progress meter to better reflect progress of new optimizations.
• Prevent more than a fraction of a second periods of “non-responsiveness” while Behold processes large files.
• Show only the first 100 references and then list how many more there are. The reference list is not very useful when there are so many references for a particular source/event combination.
• Indicate in the title area which files have possible data problems and/or non-standard GEDCOM, and link that to their file information.
• Include record counts, summarize the messages, and add links to the GEDCOM file and log file in the file information.
• Add periods to separate lines within a section where they normally would be placed one after another with no punctuation in between.

• Prevent reading of UTF-8 files from getting messed up because of a buffering problem at every 4 MB of large GEDCOM files.
• Display concatenated notes correctly.
• Get tags not defined in the Behold’s default list to display with their tag name rather than incorrectly using one of the other tag’s descriptions.
• Make several fixes to the display of schema tags.
• Show reverse link relationships (e.g. Relationship to Father) on one line rather than separate lines.
• Show the correct file size in the File Information. 0 wasn’t correct.
• Repair the display of undefined records back to the correct way it worked in the alpha.
• Show the NOTE references in the undefined records.
• Display notes in sources properly when they only have one reference.
• Use the Unicode non-breaking hyphen instead of the Ascii one which no longer seems to display.

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