Ancestral Quest 12.1.25

Posted by admin on May 3, 2010

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Ancestral Quest 12.1.25 has been released.


• General Enhancements
– AQ Newsline: Adjusted the new Newsline window to come up only 1 time each day.
– Print Preview: AQ has had the ability to hide the pictures in print preview ever since scrapbooking features were introduced. That feature allowed reports to be viewed more quickly. Now that computers are much faster, the ability to hide pictures in a preview is no longer useful, and causes confusion. It has been removed.
• Enhancements to nFS Features
– User Friendly: A few of the screens dealing with syncing have been made simpler, and tips have been added to make the screens more intuitive.
– Ordinance Reservation and Tracking: When loading a batch of reserved records for the first time, AQ checked to see if a local record was linked to the NFS record. If you later linked the records, the manage batches screen would not detect that the link had been made. AQ now checks for links each session.
• Bug Fixes to nFS Features
– Notes/Sources: A bug was introduced in build 23 that kept notes and sources from NFS always showing as expected. Fixed.
– ORTS: In the “Review Batch” screen, if a local record showed that an ordinance was submitted on a particular day, it might not show the ‘*’ by the completion date to alert the user when the ordinance was done. Fixed.
– ORTS: If an ordinance showed both as “Reserved” and as “Ready” in NFS, AQ showed the ID of the reserving person rather than the normal selection for “Temple” or “Me”. Fixed.
– Individual/Family Sync Screens: If a sealing ordinance was “Reserved” or “In Progress”, it didn’t show properly for the main individual after build 23. Fixed.

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