Susan Sarandon’s Shocking Discovery About Her Grandmother

Posted by admin on Apr 24, 2010

In the NBC series Who Do You Think You Are? Susan Sarandon, 63, traveled to Italy to learn all about her mother’s mother, Anita, who had abandoned her 2-year-old daughter. “I had tried years before to track Anita down, so it was a small price to pay that people were discovering it as I was discovering it.”

So just what did she find out about Anita? For one thing, she was very young when she became a mother. Orphaned at 10 years old, Sarandon’s maternal grandmother had gotten pregnant at the age of 12 — and gave birth to her only child at age 13. “It was a relief that she hadn’t had any other children, I think that was something that would’ve really disturbed my mother.”

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