MyBlood 1.2

Posted by admin on Apr 5, 2010

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MyBlood 1.2 has been released.


• Application
– Improvement: Multiple tweaks all over the application. Additional attention for highlights, focus rings, selections… on Mac. Modifications in People, Individuals, Family, About, Delete
• Edit Individual & Edit Family
– Bug fix: Creating a new note works again
– Bug fix: Adding Media to a family event now assigns both people of the marriage to the media
– Improvement: The events in popup menu’s are now sorted alphabetically (in any language).
– Improvement: The events in the list are now chronologically.
• Notes (from individuals or family)
– Bug fix: Private icon is refreshed correctly again.
– Improvement: Last changed is now always saved with every modification on a note
• GEDCOM export

– Bug fix: A possible crash with export of resources is fixed.
– Bug fix: General events (EVEN) are now written with additional TYPE.
– Bug fix: Export custom tag _PRIM used for primary image
– Bug fix: Last changed info is now exported for Notes, Sources, Repositories and Citations
• GEDCOM import (open)
– Bug fix: Last changed info is now better handled for Notes, Sources, Repositories and
• Citations
– Bug fix: Lai
– Improvement: <.log> selecting for report
– Added: Added progress of creating of places, translation
– Added: File size of opened GEDCOM file
• Sources
– Improvement: The last changed date is now displayed below the list
• Chronology
– Bug fix: Fix for badly formatted dates in the chronology
– Bug fix: Family events other than marriage or divorce were not listed in chronology of the person.
• Places
– Bug fix: The selection of all places with coordinates showed all places
– Bug fix: Cosmetic refresh issue with URLs attached to places
– Improvement: The Get Coordinates algorithm to go and get the latitude and longitude of a place is much improved.
– Improvement: Increased the time-out from Google Maps for places preview
– Added: Number of places in the list is displayed in a new way, which also shows progress will building the list of places.
• Web-site
– Bug fix: The event Types in the index list is now translated.
– Improvement: XHTML pages that are exported now have UTF-8 BOM added
– Added: several different styles are added to provide different styles for your web-site
– Added: CSS is used and saved for the saved html pages
– Added: You can select your own CSS file to be used
– Added: An image can be selected for the home page
– Added: You can add a welcome text to the home page
– Added: Feedback button (yellow) is added to different pages to generate a mail for feedback purposes
– Added: The statistics page now shows graphs and charts, and a lot info is added
– Added: Images page is added (per image) with extra info and clickable links of the people on the page
– Added: if files of folders don’t exist, the input field becomes red, and the OK button is disabled
– Added: The Places page now also has a link to the location (Google Maps)
• Media
– Bug fix: The Add people from Bookmarks icon is now also accessible when NO person is selected in the list.
– Bug fix: Relocation of media works again. If a media is not found in the media list, the background is red. Double clicking the item shows a dialog box that allows you to relocate the file, which is than copied to the media folder of MyBlood.
– Added: Share buttons is added to upload an image to a site on the internet. We consider this feature as being in BETA for the 1.2 release. Currently available sites are:
• Picasa (you’ll need a Google account)
– Added: Number of media in the list is displayed in a new way, which also shows progress will building the list of media.

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