Legacy Family Tree

Posted by admin on Apr 9, 2010

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• FamilySearch
– Changed over to the new login method required by FamilySearch.
– Fixed loading speed issue.
– Added compare details in Match/Dups/Sync tabs
– Removed the status bar
– Fixed a bug with refreshing ordinance status button
• Add Event Screen – Using the Add Another button was not clearing the colors of the field names that were indicating that a source was attached. Fixed.
• Ancestor Book Report – Some suboptions of suppress Details of Living were not be suppressed when the main option was turned off. Fixed.
• Book Reports – Refined some wording for adopted children.
• Book Reports – When using the option to include underlines for missing information, an underline for a missing temple name was being included for BIC baptisms. Fixed.
• Descendant Book Report – The subsection phrase, “Noted Events in his life were:” was not being included for RTF output format. Fixed.
• Descendant Narrative Book Report – When creating RTF output, the index was showing an incorrect RIN for starting person. Fixed.
• Event List Windows – Formatting codes were showing. Fixed.
• Family Group Record Report – Changed the style of the Source Citations subtitle to match other subtitles in the report.
• Family View – If a child was edited using the shortcut keys, (for example E2 to edit child 2) any changed information was not being refreshed on the screen (even though it was actually saved). Fixed.
• File ID Report – Fixed some formatting problems.
• GEDCOM Export – The setting for “This Couple Did Not Marry” was not being included in Legacy destination exports. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Export – _FREL adopted and _MREL adopted tags were missing in GEDCOMs created for PAF. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import – A wrong phone number was being linked to a personal address. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import – Fixed some issues with phpGedView imports.
• GEDCOM Import – Repositorie names were sometimes getting duplicated. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import – Unrecognized _APID tag. TITL tag not being imported. Fixed.
• Location Index – Fixed a problem where the header title was out of place.
• Married Names – Fixed a problem that some users were having with changing a married name.
• Married Names Generation – Changed the confirmation message shown when changing the default rule to: “0-None – don’t generate married names.”
• Pedigree Chart – Cremated/Burial abbreviation problem fixed. (was showing as [;;b::c] instead of “b” or “c”).
• Reports – When using replaceable text fields in a title, there was a difference between [He/She] and [His/Her] with slashes. His/Her was not being recognized. Fixed.
• Standardization Tip – Changed the wording for the tip about having a single character in any of the name part fields.
• Report – The names of individuals who were printed outside the lifespan boxes (because their names would not fit within the box) were not be colored the same as if printed inside the boxes. Fixed.

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