Family Tree PHP 0.4.3

Posted by admin on Apr 14, 2010

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Family Tree PHP 0.4.3 has been released.


• An option was added to let living persons be shown in search results, even when the user has no rights to see living persons (only a name and birth year are shown and when a user clicks on the name, he is redirected to the login page).
• An option was added to let the contact page and the default page still be visible when users need to login to see anything.
• No need anymore to turn magic_quotes_gpc or register_globals off.
• Session.use_only_cookies and session.use_trans_sid are set at runtime (if your hosting provider allows this).
• Repositories get their own pages.
• Page texts and blog texts can have a maximum length of over characters instead of over 65.000 (MySQL LONGTEXT fields used instead of TEXT fields).
• Dates without a valid year got the current year inserted.
• Empty dates gave problems on gedcom import, when MySql in strict mode.
• Text fields must accept NULL, when MySql in strict mode.
• Some characters caused problems in file names.
• A database query error occurred in core/posts.php when filtering on a user.
• When login was always required, a user who was not yet logged in could not change the language or template.
• Caching did not work properly anymore.
• Source TITL, AUTH, PUBL and TEXT tags were not imported properly.
• Repository ids were not imported properly and therefore repositories did not show up.

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