Ellen DeGeneres Celebrity Wheel

Posted by admin on Apr 2, 2010

NEHGS genealogists discover Ellen’s unique circle of family ties:

• Ellen DeGeneres is related to Halle Berry (10th cousins once removed via the Van Swearingen family of Maryland)
• Halle Berry is related to Mark Wahlberg (11th cousins via the Peabody family of Massachusetts)
• Mark Wahlberg is related to Madonna (11th cousins via the Dumay family of Quebec)
• Madonna is related to Camilla Parker-Bowles (9th cousins once removed via the Cloutier family of Quebec)
• Camilla Parker-Bowles is related to Diana, Princess of Wales (7th cousins via the Keppel family of England)
• Diana is related to Tim Robbins (10th cousins via the Thompson Parke family of Connecticut)
• Tim Robbins is related to Richard Gere (11th cousins via the Denison family of Connecticut)
• Richard Gere is related to Ellen DeGeneres (11th cousins via the Brewster family of Massachusetts)

Source: http://www.newenglandancestors.org/pdfs/Ellen_celebrity_wheel.pdf

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