What About Writing Articles For The GeneaNet Genealogy Blog

Posted by admin on Mar 5, 2010

What about writing articles for the GeneaNet Genealogy Blog and sharing on the topics you are interested in.

It can be news, events, genealogy research (tips, terms, etc.), family history societies, archives, genetic genealogy, software, books, onomastics, coats of arms, etc.

To submit an article (a note), click “Submit a Note” in the right sidebar of the GeneaNet Genealogy Blog.

Then, you just have to type in your article. You can add links and images but there’s no need to format the content.

(You can select any of the listed topics, this is not really important.)

Click the “Preview Note” button, then click “Edit Note” to modify it or “Submit Note” to validate.

If you can read the French, you can translate any article or part of article from the GeneaNet GeneaWiki into your language!

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