The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 7.1.3

Posted by admin on Mar 16, 2010

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 7.1.3 has been released.


• The mass thumbnail generation utility did not work when it was asked to regenerate path names if the files didn’t exist (fixed).
• The GEDCOM export was not reporting the Notes total correctly if the “resume” feature was invoked (fixed).
• The people who upgraded from a previous version, the scriptaculous.js library was trying to include files that didn’t exist (fixed).
• Some internal issues that could have affected searching were fixed on the Sources and Repositories pages.
• The numbers next to each child on the PDF family group sheet were sometimes showing only as boxes (fixed).
• Sources on the PDF charts were sometimes being improperly formatted (fixed).
• The PDF pedigree chart was showing living data in some cases (fixed).
• In situations where TNG could send email, the resulting error message was being improperly delivered (fixed).
• The Places page would not display if a place name in the top 30 included a double quote (fixed).
• A few numeric fields in the media table were causing trouble for the import and backup operations when no values were included (fixed).
• Some living information was being displayed on the Register page when viewed by a user assigned to a different branch (fixed).
• Searches using the “+/-” years criteria for dates did not always show the “+” sign on the results page (fixed).
• The GEDCOM import expected the 2 TYPE declaration to immediately follow 1 EVEN. If it instead came later, then the TYPE was not identified (fixed).
• Some special characters were not being properly displayed on the RSS page (fixed).
• The RSS page was using a function that only worked in PHP 5 (fixed).
• Searching for a repository from the Admin/Repositories page did not work (fixed).
• Links included in the text of some notes were not being properly converted to live HTML links (fixed).
• One of the pedigree links (on the Ancestors tab) was missing an important argument (fixed).
• Large amounts of text following the EVEN tag will now be imported as a “note” for the event instead of the event title.
• Some internal logic was added to enhance compatibility with Joomla and other CMS packages.
• The Restore operation introduced in 7.1.2 had some issues with large tables (fixed).
• Some maps were showing the wrong zoom level (fixed).
• Some formatting issues relating to special characters in place names and Google map bubbles were fixed.

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