Posted by admin on Mar 26, 2010

Full Featured – Windows – Purchase

RootsMagic has been released.


• Added “Online map” button to Edit Place Details form
• Added “LDS facts” button to edit screen when LDS features are enabled
• Calendar tool allows you to type in the year now
• Better handling of shared events in group sheets
• Individual Summary now includes shared events
• Source list report includes shared events in citation list now
• Direct Legacy import reads New FamilySearch links
• Numerous spelling and corrections to source templates
• AutoMatch feature added to New FamilySearch support
• WebSearch doesn’t require user to re-login to sites when popup windows occur
• Doesn’t add ‘Note: ‘ to place detail notes when importing from GEDCOM
• Doesn’t hang when importing some GEDCOM filess created by FTM 2005 with illegal tags
• Place details are now included in group sheet websites
• People sharing an event are now included in narrative index if they are printed in report
• Mapping events for a person (Tools > Mapping) now uses the place detail if it has lat/long entered
• Father/Mother label on family view now reflects the settings chosen by user for the family
• Merge screen now shows record number for the two individuals
• “Primary photo” and “Include in scrapbook” checkboxes no longer appear on non-image media items
• Outline, Henry, and D’Aboville reports now print marriage info before the spouse paragraph
• Married children in Ancestor+Children narrative report don’t have their paragraphs abbreviated anymore
• Deleting last item in a media album doesn’t cause crash anymore
• Suffix and Prefix now print in relationship chart if there is room
• Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements for new FamilySearch features
• Merging preserves the FamilySearch ID

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