Legacy Family Tree

Posted by admin on Mar 16, 2010

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Edit Individual – With the last build the User ID and Ancestral File Number fields were being changed to upper case letters. The FamilySearch ID is supposed to be all upper case letters and will continue to change what you enter to upper case letters.
• File Maintenance – Added a few more checks for Locations and Temples relating to some of the newer fields like Initatory and Confirmation.
• File Maintenance – Fixed a problem where the Purge all unused Locations was removing a location that was still being used by a Confirmation which was marked as a living confirmation.
• Merge – When the right field being copied to the left persons record the sources get copied but the new style source details were being lost. Fixed.
• Merge – On the pictures tab when copying an attached document from the right person to the left person and then doing the merge the link was not being done right. Fixed.
• Popup Info Boxes – Fixed the resizing of the popup info boxes when the main Legacy screen gets resized.

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