GRAMPS 3.2.0

Posted by admin on Mar 29, 2010

Full Featured – Linux – Freeware/Open Source

GRAMPS 3.2.0 has been released.


• In the Help Menu -> Menu Status, all available plugins are visible. All plugins can be hidden, saving resources and hiding options you do not need.
• Many under the hood improvements have occurred that should improve performance enormously. New features are implemented as plugins that can be hidden.
• Performance improvement example: Insertion of a new person in a family tree with 30000 people previously took 4 seconds on a 1.4GHz PC running Gramps 3.1, but now takes milliseconds.
• There are new views, and some existing views have been greatly improved.
• People view can now be sorted on the columns.
• A Place treeview is present, nicely grouping your places under country groups.
• GeoView has left it’s beta status behind and shows your data on an online map (OpenStreetMap or Google Maps, a fast internet connection is required).
• Help Menu -> Extra Reports/Tools open a webpage with downloadable views.
• Styled Notes now in most output formats that support styles.
• New languages.
• Select language in which report should be created (not yet available in all reports).

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