Can Local Genealogists Link School Lunch Burgers And Chicken Sandwiches To Middle-School Obesity?

Posted by admin on Mar 17, 2010

When Sacramento genealogists chart genograms, which are family medical histories down through the generations, what do they see as a common link? It’s childhood obesity that runs in the family. And what’s the link related to? That’s where genealogy comes it. It’s not only a nutritionist, but also a genealogist that can journal junk food lunches as family habit or tradition. But how healthy, really, are middle-school lunches locally? And do the kids really demand those menus? Or is it all about family habits through the generations? What do the latest studies show as links, but not actual causes of childhood obesity?

Can Sacramento genealogists predict better than nutritionists what local Sacramento schools serve kids for lunch and link the family history records to obesity by middle-school age?

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