Brother’s Keeper 6.3.40

Posted by admin on Mar 3, 2010

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Brother’s Keeper 6.3.40 has been released.


• (updated) When importing a Gedcom file, if the gedcom file is missing sources that should be in the file, there is an option to stop the warning message about the missing sources.
• (fixed) Fixed problem on Group sheet. When excluding data for living people, it would sometimes list blank events for Baptized, Christened, Occupation for children.
• (updated) The ALT+F2 popup for characters works on the Location Details now.
• (updated) On the Lists, Sources screen, if you click to show which person this source is attached to, it will also show which event it is attached to.
• (fixed) On the Group sheets, if printing a range of numbers with Husband at top of the page, it would sometimes put the Wife at the top of the page (in cases where that wife had a previous ‘not entered’ spouse.)
• (updated) On Group sheet and Ancestor chart, if making HTML files, there is a Browse button to select the background picture.
• (new) On the Edit screen, when you click Options, there is a new option there to switch to the Events tab if you double click a Child name.
• (fixed) Ancestor Chart, if option set for Ref Number and making RTF file, it was not showing the Ref Number in the RTF file.
• (fixed) On Gedcom Export, it would sometimes not export more than one alternate name for a person. (If for the options you did ask for sources and did not ask for Notes and did ask for pictures.)
• (fixed) On the Indented Book report, if showing which spouse the child belongs to, and if the child has sex ‘unknown’, it will say ‘child of’ and not ‘daughter of’ or ‘son of’.

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