Longtime Friends Discover They’re Cousins

Posted by admin on Feb 18, 2010

Rachel Mallon and Suzanne Hadley met 10 years ago when their 4-year-old sons played T-ball together. The mothers instantly bonded. Over the years, the boys and their subsequent siblings shared elementary school classes, celebrated birthdays together and played on the same sports teams. Hadley and Mallon remained dear friends, living mere blocks from each other in Manhattan Beach.

Recently, Mallon decided to re-explore her mother’s side. Since her mother died when Mallon was just 20, many questions were left unanswered. Mallon looked back over the letter her great aunt had sent her 30 years ago. Her great aunt had mentioned her daughter, Nancy, who had two daughters, Suzanne and Libby. After tracking down Nancy’s Wisconsin phone number, Mallon made the call on Jan. 4. Nancy called back that night.

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