GenealogyJ 3.0

Posted by admin on Feb 22, 2010

Full Featured – Windows, Mac, Linux – Freeware/Open Source

GenealogyJ 3.0 has been released.


• UI: new MDI paradigm with all views in one workbench
• Usability: edit operations available in top level workbench menus
• Usability: reorganization of menu items/easy access (Edit, Tools, Reports)
• Usability: 5 recent files File menu
• Usability: date entry fields understand separator during entry (e.g. typing 5.5.1970)
• Usability: drag&pan in various views
• Usability: various simplifications, ease of use improvements, tweaks of the interface
• Usability: quick lists for references/relationships of persons in editor
• Feature: editor handles multiple media for individuals, events, etc.
• Feature: screenshot to clipboard (tree, timeline)
• Feature: option to print NxM & scale-to-fit
• Feature: removal of rendering file limitations – auto-derive suitable media to render in trees (blueprints)
• Platform: Windows Vista/7 compatible installer
• Platform: Mac compatible Application w/ Mac feel
• Data: option to maintain SURN|GIVN information
• Data: option to maintain AGE information
• Data: option to auto correct names/surnames

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