Cem-Editor 2.1.00006

Posted by admin on Feb 26, 2010

Transcriptions & Indexes – Windows – Purchase

Cem-Editor 2.1.00006 has been released.


• On previous versions when the large image preview is displaying it would only display new images if one of the image buttons are pressed. The image now updates as the user moves through the records.
• When opening previous version database, if the user chose not to update a dialog displayed stating that the user chose not to update. This dialog is unnecessary and has been removed.
• For compatibility with the UAC in Vista, Windows 7 and above the method of checking has changed to sending the software release date to our server when a user chooses to check for updates. This avoids the UAC disallowing a non administrative user from checking to see if a newer version is available. The only info sent is the software release date of the installed CemEditor. No personal information is sent. This update is compatible with Windows 98 to current versions of Windows.

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