New Software: Ancestral Sources (Beta Testers Required)

Posted by admin on Jan 31, 2010

Nick Walker has been developing Ancestral Sources, a replacement for the very popular GedCom Census. He is now looking for Beta Testers for his new program.

“For the last 14 months in my limited spare time I’ve been creating a new application to replace Gedcom Census. It is called Ancestral Sources and will ultimately handle births, marriages, deaths, burials, baptisms, etc. as well as census records. The first version to be released just deals with census records but there is hardly a line of programming code in common with Gedcom Census and it does do some things quite differently.”

Some of the features which are new to Ancestral Sources:

• All census columns are supported and tailored to each census, e.g. the grid for the 1841 UK census has 4 columns, the 1901 has 9 columns.
• Individuals can be added directly without having to go back into Family Historian
• A census template editor is included so users can create their own census templates or edit existing ones. For example, a user could create templates for French census records. These could then be shared with other users (e.g. via this website) and possibly incorporated into future versions of Ancestral Sources if they’re happy for me to do so.
• Full support for Family Historian version 4 features such as projects, relative multimedia file paths and same-sex partnerships
• Faster file save/load
• More usable ‘All Individuals’ and ‘Immediate Family’ lists.
• More intelligent census date check and flag check facilities.
• Numerous other usability improvements

If you are interested please see the following GedCom Census Forum post.

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