HuMo-gen 4.1

Posted by admin on Jan 21, 2010

Web Publishing – Windows – Freeware

HuMo-gen 4.1 has been released.


• When you edit a person, a source or an address you will see an example of the display.
• In the administration menu a “Data Check” has been added.
• The multiple icons next to names (i.e. in lists, ancestor and descendant reports) were replaced by a pop-up menu.


• A prefix with capital letter (i.e. “Van Dam”) is now processed correctly.
• IE erroneously placed an empty line under the mother in a family.
• No error messages are displayed with unsuccessful login.
• With PDF export, master sources are now added as an appendix (by Yossi Beck).
• The index file has been totally reviewed.
• Also with loose persons text can be added at the bottom of the page.
• The deprecated “ereg_replace” code was replaced with “str_replace”.
• Editing: Master addresses and master sources can be deleted.
• Editing: Parents can now be attached to a person.
• Gedcom export: divorce data are now exported as well.
• Name filtering was improved.


• When [Sources] was clicked in a descendant report the report would not be displayed.
• The “follows” link with children was corrected (didn’t work since version 4.0a).
• There was an error in PDF export if a child doesn’t have a “follows” link.
• Index: After selecting a surname with a prefix, the index wouldn’t work properly on additional pages.
• Index: After a search for a town in the domicile index, this town would be searched for with additional searches even if the field was empty.
• Index: In the domicile index, sorting wouldn’t work properly with names with prefixes, that were listed with the international notation “Van Mons”.
• Index: A surname with prefix is now processed better in the list of “most frequent names”.

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