GENP 3.02

Posted by admin on Jan 4, 2010

Full Featured – Windows – Purchase

GENP 3.02 has been released.


• Add option on Gedcom Import Wizard to make the first person imported the focus person when GenBase opened.
• On GEDCOM Import Wizard add Help button and link to ‘GEDCOM Import’ video on website.
• On GEDCOM Import Wizard make some data entry fields flash if they have no keyed data.
• Improve GEDCOM import from PAF when using UTF-8.
• Update Help file.
• Improve feedback form.
• Fix under Windows 7 to return better operating system information.
• Changes to the installer under Windows 7 to use Windows 7 user interface enhancements.
• On New GenBase Wizard added link to the ‘First Steps – Make your first database’ video on website.

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