GEDitCOM II 1.3 build 1

Posted by admin on Jan 15, 2010

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GEDitCOM II 1.3 build 1 has been released.


• A major improvement is to that all family trees and ancestor or descendant reports now watch out for duplicates in the trees. When large trees include the same individual be different branches, the tree can quickly grow to astronomical size. Now when a duplicate is encountered, the tree stops and is cross-referenced back to the original appearance. With this change, you can generate trees for much larger files without losing any information (doubling clicking a duplicate will show the original appearance of that individual to continue tracing ancestors or descendants).
• The Date Calculator application is now included with GEDitCOM II. Just start the Date Calculator and enter your GEDitCOM II user name and unlocking code.
• A new “Read To Me” menu command will describe the currently selected record using speech generation. You can add an icon for this command to most tool bars.
• A large number of improvements were made to the AppleScripting feature of GEDitCOM II. These features were used to provide many new scripts as well:
– Many new commands and properties make it easier to access genealogy data in records. Consult GEDitCOM II’s dictionary using Apple’s ScriptEditor and revised GEDitCOM II help on scripting to see them all.
– The AppleScripting help in GEDitCOM II was greatly expanded making it easier to learn how to write scripts for GEDitCOM II.

– Previous scripts were revised and new scripts were written to use the new properties and commands. These changes make the scripts run faster (the “Find Disconnected Script” is now much faster).
– Many new scripts were written and are either included in the GEDitCOM II installation or available for download on this web site.
– Two particular scripts make it much easier to share your data as a GEDCOM file with friends including copies of all multimedia objects linked to the exported records. The export is even compressed to a .zip file ready for emailing.
• Replaced the “Copy Special” script with a built-in “Copy Special” menu command. If desired, you can customize tool bars to include a new “Copy Special” icon.
• Merging has been improved:
– Better at merging dates and merging structures with non-conflicting subordinate data (thus less things to fix after merging records)
– When new records are merged into a file, they are added to an album (like iPhoto or iTunes creates a “Last Import” album)
– Select two records in the index window and merge.
– Automated merging of records after merging of files is in the works and will be in a future version (if you can’t wait you can use a new scripting command to merge records and write your own script to automate merging of records).
• Several improvements for using iPhoto with GEDitCOM II:
– Will read date whan an image is dragged from iPhoto
– Will recognize changed keywords without needing to restart GEDitCOM II
– Works well with multiple iPhoto libraries so you can create a custom library to hold just your genealogy photos
– Button to add current iPhoto library in the multimedia options panel
• Improvements to user interface formats:
– Added number of children (NCHI) to optional data for family records.
– Fix bug that could fail to display with multiple birth or death events.
– More languages in selected formats
– Localizes names of generic events types when using different languages
• Some minor changes to the GEDCOM decoder were made to make GEDitCOM II even more compatible with other software that does not follow the GEDCOM rules, while still maintaining GEDitCOM II’s adherance to the standard.
• Fixed issue where number of records of each type or in an album would disappear after editing the name
• If saved while editing a text field, any recent changes made to that field would not be in that save, but now they are.
• Fixed bug that could crash in MacOS Tiger when restating a tree that is or was in chart mode.

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