Brother’s Keeper 6.3.38

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2010

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Brother’s Keeper 6.3.38 has been released.


• Improved GEDCOM import from gedcom files with referenced links to pictures, like those created by phpGedView.
• GEDCOM import can import pictures attached to sources.
• GEDCOM export has a new button to set options for maximum data output. (It changes the options back in case you have limited output for some fields.)


• On book reports, below “print alternate names” is a new option to “select which alternate names” and you can pick either a name type or a ‘print where’ value and only those will print.
• On book reports, on ‘fields to include’ tab there is a new option to have divorce, or other family events print at the end of spouse information.


• Backup routine was not backing up external notes that were attached to pictures (It was backing up the more common internal notes attached to pictures.)
• On the Collapsed ancestor chart if the BK code number was over 1 million it was dropping the last digit and showing the wrong person.

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