Behold 0.99.6 beta

Posted by admin on Jan 25, 2010

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Behold 0.99.6 beta has been released.


• Add the speed improvement for incrementing the number of tags.
• Reduce the number of internal passes the autoorganize routine uses.
• Change the internal storage to be GEDCOM records instead of GEDCOM lines that I tested but was previously unable continue using.
• These improvements reduced loading time by 27% and reduced memory usage by 7%.
• Allow recent files to properly handle pathnames longer than 100 characters and conveniently abbreviate them.
• Correct the tag counts that were double counted and move the count for PLAC tags back from the pointer group into the data group. This bug was introduced in 0.99.1.
• Correct problems in buffering the view area of the Everything Report that sometimes made it jump positions when scrolling up or down with the arrow keys or mouse wheel.
• Do not give a blank line message for blank lines following the TRLR line.
• Prevent an on-idle exception from happening at program startup. If you were getting this, it was a really bad bug that prevented you from continuing or exiting.
• Eliminate an on-idle bug when determining who is under the cursor for Instant Organize purposes, and also put the space back in between the first and last names when the names of those people are displayed.

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