Behold 0.99.5 beta

Posted by admin on Jan 16, 2010

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Behold 0.99.5 beta has been released.


• Allow modification of the concatenate method used for CONC tags, as either 0 spaces, 1 space or let Behold pick one based on the source program. This is done on the GEDCOMs Organize page and can be set for each GEDCOM independently.
• Added a default tag name for HEAD.DATA.
• Make minor adjustments to the recently used file menu and toolbar items.
• Repaired the incorrect flipping of two characters when certain special characters were encountered in the ANSEL character set.
• Eliminate the insertion of ” CONB ” when only a space should have been inserted in concatenated lines. This bug was introduced in 0.99.1 beta.
• Eliminate the error when scrolling the current selection out of the loaded view.
• Ensure the opened files are correctly added to the recent file list.
• Eliminate the error when registering using a name of 5 or fewer characters. This bug was introduced in 0.99.1 beta. It looks like 7 people may have been affected before it was finally reported to me.

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