Tabloids’ Online Archives Provide A Fascinating Insight Into Social History

Posted by admin on Dec 14, 2009

Some newspapers have always been more perishable than others. An article for the Times would end up bound or in microfilm at hundreds of libraries; the largest library in your borough will almost certainly have film of the complete Times. But to read an old article from the Daily Express, the Mirror or the Sun, which might have had ten times more readers on the day of publication, the British Library’s newspaper archive at Colindale could be almost your only option. So can the digital world upset that snobbish old order?

When newspapers began to digitise their archives for web access, it seemed that the a version of the hierarchy had hung on: the process began with the Guardian and the Times (which had text available on CD long before that), followed by the Financial Times.

But the big guns have started to arrive. UK Press Online offers a full archive of the Daily Mirror and, as of now, the Daily Express and Daily Star.

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