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To Preserve Their History, Families Are Turning To Documentary Makers

Posted by admin on Nov 10, 2009

Type the words “family history” into any internet search engine, and you will be presented with more than 240 million online pages devoted to one of our favourite hobbies. The whole world, it seems, is busy discovering its past. Some families, though, are going a step further than most to ensure that family history is kept for future generations.

When 75-year-old Sydie Bones from Axminster was planning her son’s 50th birthday celebrations, she wanted the day to be marked by more than just snapshots for the family album.

“When we look back at old photos we have no idea of what these people were really like,” Sydie says. “Were they lively, funny, or reserved, shy? How did they speak to each other, were they close, did they josh and joke with each other?”

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