Archaeologists Track Infamous Conquistador Through Southeast North America

Posted by admin on Nov 5, 2009

Archaeologists at Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History have discovered unprecedented evidence that helps map Hernando de Soto’s journey through the Southeast North America in 1540. No evidence of De Soto’s path between Tallahassee and North Carolina has been found until now, and few sites have been located anywhere.

Fernbank’s Curator of Native American Archaeology, Dennis Blanton, has amassed an impressive collection of objects that reveal a probable stop in today’s Telfair County, Geogia, USA, a location important not only for its critical mass of de Soto-era artifacts but also for its position off the previously predicted route. He’ll present a scholarly paper before colleagues at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference on November 5 in Mobile, Alabma, USA.

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