iRemember 2.5

Posted by admin on Oct 13, 2009

Family Pictures – Mac – Purchase

iRemember 2.5 has been released.


• Snow Leopard – Compatible with Mac OS X v10.6.
• Edit Content Mode – Double click a shape to directly rotate, scale and postion images quickly.
• Direct Rotation – Quickly rotate shapes without using the Inspector.
• Group/Ungroup – Combine multiple shapes for easier editing.
• Right Triangle – The right shape makes corners a snap.
• PDF Export – Built-in conversion to PDF saves a trip to the Print dialog.
• Shadow Color – Your shapes can cast shadows in any color.
• Resolution Quality – Insures high quality by providing the DPI readout during image scaling.
• Zoom To Fit – Quickly resize the page to fit your screen.
• Goto Page – Fast navigation of large scrapbook files.

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