Record Search 2.0

Posted by admin on Sep 2, 2009

Organization – Research – Windows, Mac, Linux – Freeware

Record Search 2.0 has been released.


• Unsupported Browsers: You complained and we listened. We removed the header that would appeared if you were not using a Record Search supported browser. For the most part unsupported browsers still work, but this header was making the screen shift down so you could not see everything.
• Home Page Layout: The home page has undergone major changes; most noticeable are the new colors, layout, and title & label name changes.
• Where’s the map?: The map and ability to search a specific collection are now accessed by selecting the “Browse our record collections” link. This separates the search functions and templates for searching in all collection vs. a specific collection or browse only collections. We would love your feedback on this change.
• Share a record: Try sharing a record you found in Record Search on Facebook, or in an e-mail or text message.
• Print, Copy & Share Record Details: We think you will love the option to let you print, copy and share the record details.
• About this collection: About this collection link now takes you to the Research Wiki. Having this information in the Wiki makes it easier for us to update and keep it current. It also lets you have Record Search and the user guidance open at the same time to use as a reference.
• Un-Indexed collections: The un-indexed collections or Browse only collections have an entirely new look. You’re now able to keep the context of what images you are browsing, and moving to a different level in the film is a snap.
• Tip of the day: Did you know clicking on the FamilySearch logo in the header will always take you to the home page.

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