Posted by admin on Sep 4, 2009

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Fixed bug: At unequal box heights, the child connection lines from partner connection lines were not drawn completely.
• Fixed bug: If in the Edit Free Geo Objects dialog the last available object was deleted, after a click on one of the buttons OK or Apply an access violation was reported. After quitting the message you could only cancel.
• Now a window with a vertical scrollbar is used to show the results of the integrity check so that very long lists are also readable completely.
• For extending and reducing the zoom factor now not only the plus/minus buttons in the number block but also those in the letter block of the keyboard can be used. This is helpful at notebook computers without number block.
• The Edit Free Text Objects und Edit Free Image Objects dialogs were made more clear by use of tabs.
• At GEDCOM Import, two identical MARR tags without type detail are interpreted as civil and religious marriage data.
• There is a new GEDCOM Import Option: ‘Civil’ and ‘religious’ marriage data… should be swapped. Using this option, problems can be solved if double marriage data were coded into two identical MARR tags without type detail.
• There is a new GEDCOM Import Option: The content of a “2 NPFX” tag… should be inserted before the surname.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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