Posted by admin on Aug 31, 2009

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RootsMagic has been released.


• Children in narrative reports that are in the next generation now print birth, marr, and death info in the child list
• Added “Search > Move to primary position” to move the highlighted person (really only useful in pedigree and descendant views)
• Added a button to FamilySearch match and sync screen to view the person on the FamilySearch website
• Added birth year to FamilySearch sync screen for relationships (both RM and FS sides)
• Added FamilySearch import to import a tree from New FamilySearch into an RM file (File > FamilySearch > FamilySearch Import)
• Added Remove to the FamilySearch ordinance request screen to unreserve names


• Color coding now works on Timeline Chart
• Spaces are trimmed from name parts when adding a new person
• If short footnote is left blank, RM will use the full citation in its place
• Changed default for color coding to “Highlighted person”
• Box charts in wordwrap mode don’t sometimes truncate a person’s info anymore
• RM warns you when you try to print a group sheet that would be blank
• GEDCOM import doesn’t sometimes duplicate city/state/postal code in second street field anymore
• Drag and drop doesn’t create a blank death fact for people who had their “Living” flag unchecked
• Disputed or disproven alt names now display red crossout
• Fixed several screens / reports where an “unknown spouse” could have phantom events
• GEDCOM import / export now supports “proof” settings
• Drag and drop now preserves “proof” settings
• Added person’s name to title of Individual Timeline list
• Source list prints a person’s suffix for citations
• Changing title of descendant list holds now
• NFS sync screen name matching color coding works properly now
• PAF import handles user defined divorce events now
• When running RM from a flash drive, File > New now defaults to a folder on the flash drive
• NFS Sync options list repositions if necessary to remain completely on screen
• Group sheet doesn’t display wrong Seal to Spouse info when a person wasn’t married
• Submitted ordinances in group sheet print as “Submitted” instead of date to prevent confusion
• Submitted ordinances in NFS sync screen display as “Submitted” instead of date to prevent confusion
• Fixed several issues when printing FORs from NFS
• NFS Match and Sync only shows primary names in list (doesn’t list people multiple times in list anymore)
• Description field in events now transfers back and forth from NFS

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