Personal Ancestry Writer II 86

Posted by admin on Aug 31, 2009

Full Featured – Mac – Freeware

Personal Ancestry Writer II 86 has been released.


• The RTF coding for superscripts in reports is now in accord with the latest RTF specification (1.9.1).
• RTF indexes now have the standard comma after the text and before the first entry number.
• Apostrophes (i.e., single quote marks) are now allowed at the end of person and place names to accommodate Arabic names (e.g., Wadi’ and Bequa’).
• The appearance of push-button controls are now standardized across all windows.
• The children and partners buttons in the main window now also display the number of children or partners.
• The name of the default background window color was changed from “cyan” to “turquoise,” the Apple color picker crayon name for cyan.
• The Reference guide was updated, and the guide now displays OS X images (not OS 9 images).

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