Pajek – Program for Large Network Analysis 1.25

Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2009

GEDCOM Tools – Windows – Freeware

Pajek – Program for Large Network Analysis 1.25 has been released.


• Attraction rates added to report of relaxed balance procedures.
• Diamonds in GreyScale added to Export matrix to EPS.
• Vector/Make 2-Mode Network added.
• Vector/Transform/Invert added.
• Operations/Vector/Vector#Network generalized to 2-mode networks.
• Operations/Vector/Network*Vector generalized to 2-mode networks.
• Average Degree added to Info/Network/General.
• Saving network presented in Ore graph to GEDCOM file implemented. Ore graph must be stored in format defined by Klaus Hamberger: 1-Wi.Hu , 2-Mo.Da, 3-Mo.So, 4-Fa.Da, 5-Fa.So. Example. The other possible format is Pajek Ore graph: 1-Fa.Ch, 2-Mo.Ch, 3-Hu-Wi (edge), or 1-Pa.Ch, 3-Hu-Wi (edge).
• Binary partition containing vertices on Critical path added as result of CPM.
• Partitions/Merge implemented.

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