Legacy Family Tree

Posted by admin on Aug 31, 2009

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Character Ribbon – The Character Ribbon has been added to the Name List, Marriage List and Master Location list. This allows you to easily add diacritic characters when searching for an item.


• File Maintenance – Check/Repair has some additional file integrity checks added to it.
• Mapping – If a location had no Lat/Long values and you edit that location and set the option to “Do no auto geo-code this location” and later you zoom in on the map and then right click the mouse in order to set a new pin (geo-code that location) the wrong location was being geo-coded to that place.
• Merge – The new Family Search person ID was not being merged.
• Renumber RINs – Fixed a problem where RIN 0 or MRIN 0 could be changed. Record 0 is a special record in Legacy and should never be changed.
• Reports – Selecting to print a report in a different language was not getting the correct translation for some of the date items like “About”, “Before” and “Cal”.
• Web Pages – Creating web pages would give an error if a RIN larger than 9,999,999 was found.

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