Legacy Family Tree

Posted by admin on Aug 13, 2009

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Forms – Census of England and Wales, 1911 has been added.
• Forms – Census of Ireland, 1911 (Forms A and N) have been added.
• Search – Added new “This Couple Did Not Marry” to the Marriage Detailed search.
• Sources – In the Source Detail, there is now a “Today’s Date” button next to the Date Accessed field.
• Expand/Contract Locations – If USA is on the end and you select the option to Add “, United States” then we now change “, USA” to “, United States”. In the past you had to remove the USA and then add the United States.
• Help – The help file was updated a little.
• Sources – In the Source Detail, we now separate the “required” fields of a citation from the optional surety level, etc. to make it easier to know what information belongs to the citation.
• US County Verification – A few updates and changed were made to the US Historical County database.
• Master Temple List – Selecting a Temple Name and then clicking on Show List was causing an SQL error. Fixed.
• Potential Problems Report – Fixed two text overwriting problems.
• Source Template Screen – Scrolling down from the bottom of the field list would sometimes blank out notes, and a couple other fields. Fixed.
• Sources – On some reports the source bibliography was being overwritten. Fixed.
• Web Pages – We now remove diacritics from the filenames of the names and surnames web pages.

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